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You don't want to miss out on this special event August 12 - 21, 2022 in Staunton, VA!

Join the Staunton Music Festival for incredible live performances.

Book a 2 night stay at Orlesa Farms during the Staunton Music Festival and receive a $30 gift card to use towards an event.

Book a 3 night stay at Orlesa Farms and receive 10% off YOUR ENTIRE STAY!

Get the very best of what Staunton has to offer with this unique cultural experience.

Book TODAY at

"The Staunton Music Festival presents an immersive classical music experience featuring more than 600 years of music over the course of 10 days and nights. Over 80 of the world’s most acclaimed chamber musicians are brought in for this exuberant festival, where musical risk-taking abounds. Artists are engaged for their expertise in historic performance traditions, commitment to newer repertoires, professional excellence, and their ability to collaborate with new partners in creating dynamic, live performances."

"The spirit behind our tagline, Rethink Classical, touches on two basic convictions about what classical music can be in the 21st century. First, by taking a deep interest in historically-informed performance practice, we can rediscover the subtlety and color that emerges from period instrument concerts. Second, by merging past masterworks with world premieres, we remind ourselves that music from all eras is vital and expressive--that all music was once "modern". We believe programming the old and the new, together, deepens the appreciation of both.

Together, these commitments to historically-informed performance of older music and to the creative, mixed programming of contemporary works define Staunton Music Festival. For us, therefore, the call to "Rethink Classical" is more than just a tagline -it's a mission statement."

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